Benefit From Meeting Spaces in Your Trade Show Booth

Are you in the planning stages for your next trade show booth?  If so, then you may want to consider including a separate meeting space for talking to important attendees or holding meetings with your staff.  Imagine, meeting that potential “dream” client in your booth and needing some one-on-one time to seize the opportunity.  You have no chairs, no table, no privacy, and the opportunity passes.  Trade shows are a unique opportunity for exhibitors to meet with potential customers and more fully engage, in person, regarding their products and services.  This marketing method is far superior to all others, and having your own meeting space that is separated from the crowds, helps attendees interact with you, and allows you to speak in depth about certain products or services offered by your company.  Meeting spaces are becoming the new “must have” in trade show booth design.

One would assume that a private meeting room is the most ideal choice for a meeting space.  They are easy to achieve in booths 10’x 20’ and larger, but what if you don’t have the luxury of that much space in your booth.  Do you need to omit the meeting space?  Fortunately, the answer is no.  There are other options that may be more suitable to your booth size or your actual need.  Let’s examine a few of them.

Private meeting rooms are the only true option for “closed door” level meetings.  These spaces feature full-height walls, doors, and in some cases, a ceiling.  If there are issues of grand importance or confidentiality to be discussed, a private meeting room is always the best choice.  However, this isn’t the only circumstance for which a private meeting room is desirable.  This escape from a busy trade show floor is often viewed by attendees to be a more personalized experience than they may have encountered at other booths, and it is a great way for you to set yourself apart from competitors who may not have one.  Let your objectives, goals, product/service, and marketing strategy determine if a private meeting room is in line with your overall plan.

Semi-Private meeting rooms are a great way to have a business meeting in a casual setting with significantly fewer distractions than you’d encounter on the trade show floor.  These spaces tend to function much the same as an office cubicle, and usually feature a partition wall and possibly a blockable doorway.  This configuration allows you to put together a focused meeting with the surrounding trade show acting only as ambient noise.  These are great for casual get-togethers with existing clients, or going over literature with prospective ones that don’t need an intensive sales presentation.  You may fill these meeting spaces with typical meeting room furniture, and utilize the semi-private wall divides to display meeting room signage and graphics that promote your marketing message.

Open meeting spaces are more of a way to provide your visitors a place to rest and grant your staff an opportunity to discuss your products or services.  These areas which will usually consist of tables, chairs, sofas, coffee tables, and other typical trade show furniture are open to the general public and are a great way to let your visitors take a load off.  Your staff can have casual meetings in these areas while sharing your promotional materials and increasing brand awareness.  Providing an open meeting space is a great way to catch up with existing clients in addition to meeting prospective buyers.  Just remember to keep it comfortable and convenient.

After considering these meeting space options, a good assessment of your space and needs will guide you to the right choice.  Some variation of any of these meeting space options can be worked into your booth.  If you think your booth is too small to accommodate a meeting space, creating one can be accomplished by moving the display backdrop toward the front of the booth by a few feet, giving you a private space for a small table and chairs.  It can be that simple.  No matter the size of your booth, a creative design incorporating meeting space can enhance the trade show experience for you, your attendees, and that “dream” client.