There are very few people out there who aren’t using social media. Why not use it to help drive traffic to your trade show booth? You might be surprised at the results you get when you have the driving power of social media behind you. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can take full advantage of what social media has to offer. Use these to help generate a lot more interest in what you have to offer, and maximize your exposure by doing so.

Use your pages to conjure up lots of interest before the event.

Don’t just use Facebook to publicize yourself. Get creative and post on whatever you can get your hands on. Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are great outlets for getting the word out about events coming up. Be sure to use tags and hashtags to target people in a specific location. Get creative in your advertising, too! If people know you’re fun, they’re more likely to get on board with you. You can even consider doing a free giveaway for those that attend.

Start advertising at 1-2 months before the event. Post once a week or so until about two weeks before the event. Then, once a day. In the 2-3 days before the trade show, increase your posting to 3 times a day. Small bursts of information are easy for people to remember and keeps reminding them so they don’t forget. Use your posts to share news, information, and booth teasers.

Don’t stop just because it’s show time!

Keep your momentum up for the entire duration of the trade show by making your booth a “check in” for Facebook users, creating a hashtag for your event, and respond to the social media inquiries and reviews that you get. Keep posting updates, as well, about anything going on that might be of interest and help draw a crowd. Photos and videos have a much bigger impact than just text, too!

After the event ends, your job goes on.

By using social media to attract attention to the trade show, and your booth, you may have gotten yourself a whole new list of contacts that are buying what you’re selling. Don’t leave them hanging. Keep posting and sharing relevant news, hold contests every now and then, and post highlights from the event. Be sure to send out a “thanks” to appreciate those who attended!

Trade shows are great for building new customer relationships and making yourself well-known and well-loved. Customers in this day and age want to feel that they’re a part of something, and trade shows and social media help them do that. While you’re getting a lot of new traffic to your social media pages, be sure that you have a booth to make their visit worthwhile for all of your new fans. and are fantastic resources for all your trade show display needs! Check them out!