Trade shows are still very much alive and well, and are still important for growth and success of a business. But many companies, especially small businesses, are hesitant to dive feet first into exhibiting. It’s understandable why. Trade shows are known for the big bucks it takes to set up an impactful booth. Plus, you have to just keep upgrading to stay on top of the game. Is the investment even worth it?

Yes. If you’re smart about it. The key to successful exhibiting comes from intricately balancing booth investment with potential success. Doing this as a small business without any trade show experience is tough. There’s no shame in starting small, in fact, it’s the smarter thing to do.

Take Accenta’s Supreme exhibit display system. Both product cost and delivery cost are low. Supreme was developed with small businesses in mind. Thus, it’s affordable to buy and it’s portable. Transportation is a huge cost concern for trade show regulars and businesses suffer because of how much money has to be dumped into transporting booth materials. It doesn’t have to be that way. By sticking to something that is lightweight and designed to be portable, you save money and hassle in the long run.

Plus, Supreme is perfect for small businesses because it focuses on evolution. Supreme’s main agenda is to be not only customizable but continually customizable. Supreme is a modular system that can be customized into various sizes, shapes, and configurations. This means that your display system is perfect no matter what size trade show you’re attending.

Small businesses also need to consider their potential for success. Purchasing an expensive display system is daunting. What happens if you want a bigger booth one day? Or you need more room for more promotional materials? Supreme changes as you do. It’s able to grow with you.

A smart small business is one that plans for its future without sacrificing its present. Trade shows might seem like a thing of the past, but they’re not. A small business needs to know that it can participate with a beautiful, unforgettable display without completely breaking the bank. With Supreme, small businesses can do this and continue to grow as their revenue does.

The most important thing to consider when designing your exhibit is what your exhibit will do for you. Does it showcase your company’s style? For example, are you clean and efficient or thorough and vibrant? Is it functional? Is it attractive? And most of all: does it effectively help you communicate your message and your capabilities along with it? If not, it’s time to start from scratch. The most effective thing a small business can do in the trade show world is make their booth reflective of their company. If you’re selling greatness and your booth reflects it, clients will come.